Blossom Goodchild

Blossom is a professional ‘Direct Voice’ channelling medium. R Design was honoured to partner with her to recreate her brand and online presence, bringing her true essence to life.

Scope of Works

Logo Design
Annual Documentation Design
eBook Cover Design
eCommerce Website Design

WOW! If I could put into words what my heart feels about that which you have created for me, I would, yet I can’t. It is beyond anything I ever could have dreamed of … I am not that way inclined artistically … yet let me say … this that you have done is as perfect as I could ever want my site to be.

The energy and Love you have put into it literally pulses out of the page. It literally Nicole, as I say … is THE BEST THING EVER!!!! I feel so proud of it … and I am so bloody excited about it … it is blowing my socks off. It is OUTSTANDING. THANK YOU.

Blossom Goodchild
Direct Voice Channeller & Author

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